Tony Porfilio
Tony Porfilio - Actor / Model / Voice
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2011 ….
  • Pathways screening at 2011 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)
2010 ….
  • Pathways (Italian film) principal role as Joseph (caring father / mechanic)
2009 ….

  • Shades of Blue presented at 2009 Queens International Film Festival
  • Taylor Long works with Tony to produce song The Storm (ready for film use)
  • Krav Maga training (Krav Maga Canada
  • Million Dollar Morgan (United Filmways: as Film Consultant
  • Cycle of Fear presented at 2009 Cannes Film Festival
  • Cold Blood (episode in TV series aired in Canada & US) as mobster John Zaffino
  • Script consultant for the film The Unleashed working with Digital Silver Productions
  • Cycle of Fear available for purchase on DVD
  • 3 Storeys in SCP Film Festival
  • Till Death Do Us Part in SCP Film Festival
2008 ….

  • Cycle of Fear nominated for best film score at 2008 NYIIFVF
  • Hollywood screening in December of Cycle of Fear
  • New York screening in September of Cycle of Fear
  • RogersTV interview on DayTime, promoting Cycle of Fear
  • Toronto private screening in May of Cycle of Fear
  • Buenas Noches (film) as District Attorney Don Carlos Montoya
  • TLN national TV interview with Daniela Botto, promoting Cycle of Fear
  • Royal Bank (several videos & voice-overs) principal role
  • Cold Blood (episode in TV series aired in UK) as mobster John Zaffino
2007 ….
  • Financed script writing for Solarized working with Freitas Films
  • Silent Sam (film) principal role as Jimmy Gallo (mobster: psycho killer)
  • Silent Sam (film) Producer/production consultant (Mad Samurai Films)
  • Cycle of Fear-There is No End (film) principal role as Detective Paul Reid
  • Cycle of Fear-There is No End (film) Executive Producer (Digital Silver Productions)
  • Till Death Do Us Part (film) Executive Producer (Stirring Image Entertainment)
2006 ….
  • Royal Bank (video) principal role as Account Manager (English & French)
  • Eggs get Cracking (commercial) musician (accordion)
  • Driving Safely (video) principal role as Chris (driver)
  • Tightrope (film) principal role as Drug Dealer
  • Windows (film) principal role as Thomas (loving father/husband)
  • Bad Karma (film) principal role as the Enforcer
  • In-Toronto WebDesign (web video) – principal role as Salesman
  • Treo SmartPhone (billboard video) – principal role as the Salesman
  • In the Shadow of Feeling (documentary) – voice of narrator
  • Also co-producer and successful promotion aquiring sponsors for premiere screening of Shades of Blue on May 24, 2006
2005 – A New Beginning ….
  • A Day in the Life of Death (film) principal role as Bonifacio (Mafioso)
  • Canadian Tourist Council (video) role as Business Man
  • High Stakes (film) – principal role as Nick (the Assassin)
  • Shades of Blue (film) – principal role as William Manter (Internal Affairs)
  • Eve of the Outbreak (film) – principal role as the Doctor
  • ICM Consulting (webmercial) – principal role as host/narrator
  • SongSavvy (infomercial) – interviewee
  • The Visits (film) – voice of the Warden
  • Globe & Mail (newspaper) – Tony was featured in a story about careers

Looking Back:

Tony was born in the town of Wellingborough (England) from Italian parents (father from town of Agnone, province of Isernia and mother from town of S. Piero Patti in Sicily). They moved to Canada (Montreal) when Tony was about 1 year old. Tony was always a performer - subjecting family and friends to basement performances (puppet shows, short plays, and accordion music). From the basements Tony hit the stage in his teens performing in various school bands, rock bands, wedding bands and acting in various plays with lead/principal roles. In his late teens, the family moved to Toronto, where Tony completed his studies.

Tony decided to temporarily put this performing career on hold to focus on other things, but was never too far away from the stage or the microphone; he continued to host/MC various functions and variety shows as well as promoting corporate events.

But now he is back with more conviction than ever. In 2004 studied with: acting coach/actress Julia Paton (on-camera technique, focusing on: announcer, show host, news anchor, commercials); sportscaster Tim Haffey (radio technique, focusing on: announcer, news anchor, commercial), and recording artist/vocal coach Nicole LeGault.

In his quest to get back into performing and ultimately hit the big screen in 2005, Tony was introduced to acting coach and casting director Juli-Ann Kay (focusing on film and television: preparing for the audition, character establishment, scene establishment, etc); film director Izidore visited one of the workshops and commented on Tony’s range. Tony’s journey led him to a photo shoot with photographer Richard Sibbald and stylist Paul Langill.

This is only the beginning ... …

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